“I couldn’t put ‘Lives’ down last night and stayed up until 3:30 reading it... Lives is a literary sideshow of characters as layered as Russian nesting dolls and disturbing as the voices in your head.  McMoon’s crafting of characters is dead-on.”

  1. -V. Mark Covington (Bullfish)

“McMoon does an astounding job of portraying entirely separate, distinctly different characters that each have their own voice, thought patterns, and unique, disturbingly haunting, stories.”

-Keri Stratton Alley, The Pagan And the Pen

“If you are a reader that enjoys a well-told tale with fascinating characters, you can’t go wrong with ‘Lives.’”

-R.A. Baker (Rayna of Nightwind, Taren Novels)

“JJ McMoon brilliantly brings the characters to life and makes you ponder the people you meet, circumstances, and the role religion plays (or not) bringing it together.”

-Margaret Oleska, Richmond Examiner

“The characters in Lives are fresh and multi-layered, drawing on the whole kaleidoscope of human emotion, and as it happens in real life, the conclusions are not always neat and tidy.  I highly recommend this rich tapestry of character study, the effects of choice and the sometimes harsh judgment of fate.”

-Brenda Seward, V Magazine for Women

“I am so glad I picked up ‘Lives’. It grabbed me from the start and would not let go. I really enjoyed it, and you know me, if I didn’t like it I would let you know. JJ McMoon is a rising star!!”

– John Buckelew, Read All About It Bookstore

“Each chapter is a short, fast paced shot of literary espresso that will leave you paranoid about the reality of your own thoughts.”

                            -Tim Mallace

“I am 100% in love with your book!”

-Zachary Tietje

“It’s a wonderful story, full of surprises and very compelling!”

         - Jodi Bock


         - Beverly Covington


           - Magdalena Tadic

“Mesmerizing!  I couldn’t put it down!”

-Jamie Graham

“Lives pulls no punches.  However, the reader is rewarded with a rich story and an opportunity to reexamine how close we really are to those we hold dear, as well as how deeply we affect those we may not even notice.”

-Nick Bognar

“A fast, exciting read.  Lives is a book you won’t be able to put down.”

-Holly Hirshberg

“I love how weird this book is!” 

                            -Jody Hesler

“Great read!  Brilliantly done!”

-Bernie Vogelgesang

“This book is wild!  McMoon expertly develops the characters and makes you want more.”

-Chris Marshall

“Lives was an outstanding novel.  I’m ready for your next one!”

-Heather Riley

“A prom queen turned lot lizard.  a floundering jock.  A devil-worshipping rock star.  An assassin and the FBI agent tracking him.  A jilted girlfriend and a telepathic psychopath.  Coincidence is bringing them all together, but for what purpose?  Hailed as ‘Stand by Me’ for the new millennium, ‘Lives’ will leave you questioning your own coincidences for a long time to come.”



328 PAGES, 6” X 9”


ISBN: 978-0-9826094-3-9

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Location: Richmond, VA

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